Create a Group On Facebook

Facebook group is private space where let you share updates with specific people like family, classmate, coworkers, association, teammate. It has three privacy options for each group you create.

Three Privacy Option Of Facebook Group
  • Public: anyone can find the group in search, and we can know its members who are in the group, we can also see their posts. In public group, anyone can join or be added or invite by a member.
  • Closed: anyone can find the group in search and know who are in the group, but we cannot see their posts if we aren’t the group member. anyone can ask to join or be added or invite by a member.
  • Secret: Only the member can find the group in search, So only members can know who are in the group, and only members also can see posts in the group. Anyone can join the secret group, but they have to add or invite by a member because visible only for members in the group.
Facebook Group VS Facebook Page
Facebook Group Benefits
  • Easy to grow than Facebook page because we can add other people to group without their permission if we are their friend on Facebook.
  • Active than Facebook page because Facebook group not only admin can posts new updates but it also has option let members can post document such as Write post, Add photo / video, Ask question, Add file.
  • Easy to target audience than Facebook page because Facebook group us to add members, so find our target audience and then add them to the group.
Facebook Page Benefits
  • Easy to connect with website, unlike Facebook group cannot use with website. we can use Facebook like box to connect with a website and grow audience from that website.
  • Easy to customize thumbnail than Facebook group, Facebook group don’t have option to change thumbnail while we post a link. but Facebook page has upload image option for us to change thumbnail while we post a link on status.
  • We can use schedule to post new update.
  • Have targeting option let us easy post to target audience.
  • Facebook page has insights that let us know the audience activity. it make us easy to decide which strategy we should use to get popular on the Facebook.
  • Safety than Facebook group. only people who manage Facebook page can know who post new updates. unlike Facebook group, we need to use a Facebook user name to post in the group. one more thing, the audience on Facebook page rarely report the Facebook page than Facebook group because Facebook page get permission from their like to page before they can see the new feed of the page. unlike Facebook group, some audience will add to Facebook group by innocence.
 Should I Create a Facebook group?

Why not? because Facebook group is free to create.

Which privacy option on Facebook group should I choose?

You should choose Closed group, because there are many reasons make you chose Closed group.
If you chose Open group, once day, you will get the report from the audience like there are many don’t like your group and then your group will ban. If you chose secret group won’t get report your audience, but your audience won’t grow more, because anyone can find your group in search, so they cannot to join in your group. Therefore, You should choose Close group, because only member can see the posts, so you rarely can report by the audience. one more, other can ask to join your group because they can find your group in search and your members but they don’t cannot see your post, this point will make more people ask to join your group.

How to create Facebook Group?
  1.  Log in your Facebook account, on Facebook home, go to the Groups section on the left side menu click on Create Group.
    Create a Facebook Step 1
    Create a Facebook Step 1
  2. Fill in Group Name, Choose members to join, Choose piracy.

    Create a Facebook Step 2
    Create a Facebook Step 2
  3. After Fill in everything create button.

    Create a Facebook Step 3
    Create a Facebook Step 3
  4. Choose an icon and click OK to finish.

    Create a Facebook Step 4
    Create a Facebook Step 4


Everything nearly finish, you just add  a description, add a cover photo.