Arrowplug Box Front Part

Cambodia Plugs

  Arrowplug is a kind of plug use bluetooth to switch on/off each socket by smart phone without wire. Arrowplug containing two outlets which divide to left port and right port. each port have separate switch off / on button on ArrowPlug app. Beyond switch off / on function, Arrowplug can use timer to auto switch…

Lemon vs Lime

Lemon vs Lime

Lemon and Lime is a common fruit, they are both rich in Vitamin C. Lemon is a big confusion of Cambodian people, even I. because in my country there is no lemon was grown. So there are many people always confuse lime as lemon. We called lemon, but in fact it is lime. Lemon and Lime…

Nokia XL Review

Nokia XL release on February 2014 is the biggest display size 5 inches amount the Nokia X series. Nokia XL contain all you need. it easy for you to read E-book, and read other article on the website because of it’s 5 inches display. you can play plants vs zombie 2 happily with the benefit of it’s screen….